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Get ahead by learning professional data science skills!

Stand out from the crowd with professional training in R programming, data visualization, and machine learning!

Get Ahead by Learning Professional Data Science Skills!

Stand out from the crowd with professional training in R programming, data visualization, and machine learning!

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Imagine using data science skills and R programming to pull valuable business insights from your data in just a few lines of code.


Pick up a skill on your lunch break with our modular and engaging videos, use case driven exercises, and downloadable reference guides. Distinguish yourself by discovering new business insights, creating interactive data visualizations, and predicting market trends. 


Looking to learn skills that will help you stand out among your colleagues? Here’s why you should get started with data science today:

Most professionals lack practical data analysis skills.

Data science creates new opportunities and helps individuals make better decisions in almost every field.

Data science teaches you a new way of thinking so you can make big changes.

Data analysis skills will become essential to stay relevant.

Learn R Programming, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning

Looking to upskill, but not sure where to start? Learn how to quickly manipulate data in RStudio and prepare it for analysis. Then, turn that information into awesome visualizations in minutes. You will learn how to program in R, a free, open-source software that is the preferred tool of professional statisticians and data scientists. No background in math or programming required!
Instruction2 hours 40 minutes
Practice 20+ hours
Turbocharge your data visualizations to clearly communicate your data and engage your audience! This course is designed for people with a basic familiarity with programming in R. In less than 90 minutes of instructional time, you’ll learn how to create dynamic data visualizations and embed them into websites or dashboards for your clients. This course also teaches you how to quickly collect data from websites so you can visualize information that you weren’t able to get before.
PrerequisitesIntro to R
Instruction1 hour 30 minutes
Practice3 to 4 hours
You know your data has many secrets and insights, but you don’t know what to look for. Isn’t it time you found those hidden patterns and insights? This course is designed for people with a basic familiarity with R and some experience with data analysis and data manipulation. In just 100 minutes of instructional time, you’ll learn how to approach various types of data to find patterns, perform different types of clustering analyses, and evaluate the quality of the results.
PrerequisitesIntro to R
Instruction2 hours
Practice4 to 7 hours
Once you’ve found patterns in your data, you need to make forecasts about the future. Many factors can affect the outcomes of sales, political campaigns and usage levels of everything from public transportation to server space. Learn how to apply advanced regression and time series-models to create accurate forecasts for your organization – and make better decisions when creating your strategies.
PrerequisitesIntro to R
Instruction3 hours and 30 minutes
Practice20 to 25 hours
Introduction to Network Analysis
How can you measure and leverage your network to spread a message or optimize your supply chain? Use data science to identify weak points in supply chains and communication channels to prevent failures, identify key and peripheral players to target in your marketing campaigns and generate context from the pattern of connections among people, places and objects.
PrerequisitesIntro to R
Instruction1 hour, 40 min
Practice7 to 10 hours
Mining Social Media
How can you best spread a message through a community? Learn how to identify key influencers, determine which connectors are most important to a network, and measure influence and trust. After this course, you’ll know how to create a strategy to spread your message most effectively through a network and test your model in a video simulation.
PrerequisitesIntro to Network Analysis
Instruction2 hours, 40 min
Practice10 to 15 hours
Community Detection and Measuring Trust
How do you know who people trust and who they can influence? Learn how to identify communities and like-minded individuals, and use the PageRank algorithm (core piece of Google’s search engine) to measure a person’s significance in their network.
PrerequisitesIntro to Network Analysis,
Mining Social Media
Instruction3 hours
Practice10 to 15 hours
Some of the most valuable data generated today is in the form of text. To be a versatile data scientist, you need to know how to extract insights from text data. Learn how to extract key entities from text, mine and model topics, compare and classify documents and reviews, perform advanced sentiment analysis, and automatically summarize large volumes of text. You’ll learn an essential data mining skill set that is increasingly in demand by employers.
PrerequisitesIntro to R
Instruction5 hours
Practice15 to 20 hours

Coming February 2017!

Is a person going to buy your product? Default on their loan? Attend your event? Vote for you? All of these critical questions can be answered with classification algorithms that are a core part of supervised machine learning. They underpin the structures of marketing campaigns, recommendation engines and credit underwriting models. Learn how to use the most powerful classification models in your line of work.
PrerequisitesIntro to R
Instruction4 hours
Practice12 to 15 hours

Coming March 2017!

Data Science in Business
You don’t know what you don’t know. This course is designed for managers and executives who want to understand how data science can be used to drive business forward. In 1 hour of instruction time, you will learn how other companies have used data science to drive their business forward, reduce costs, and target new markets.
Instruction1 hour
Practice1 to 3 hours
Data Science Methods
This course is designed for managers and executives who want to understand how and when powerful data science methods can be applied to drive business forward. In just over 3 hours of instruction time, you will learn the intuition, practical use cases, and pitfalls about the most commonly used data science methods. Improve communication with your data science team and drive your data strategy forward.
Instruction3 hours, 15 min
Practice2 to 4 hours
Building a Data Driven Team
What tools and people do you need to integrate data into your business? Learn about the tools you need to manage your data, what traits you need to look for when hiring data scientists, and the pitfalls to watch out for as you implement new processes and build teams.
Instruction1 hour
Practice1 to 3 hours

Each membership includes:

Access to an end-to-end online data science curriculum

Downloadable R reference guides

Reusable R coding templates

Practical R programming exercises and content reviews

Forums and additional support

Certificates of completion

We designed the online platform with you in mind.

Why choose Data Society as your educator?

Compare us side by side to other online educators and see why people choose us
 Data SocietyCourseraUdacityLynda
Annual prices$149$423$2388$360
Get access foreverYesYesYesNo
No pre-requisites to startYesNoNoYes
Use a variety of real datasetsYesNoYesYes
Teaches practical applications of skillsYesNoYesNo
Download code templatesYesNoYesNo
Download reference guidesYesNoNoNo
Include course forumsYesYesYesNo
Provides certificationYesYesYesYes
End-to-end data science and machine learning curriculumYesNoNoNo
Complete program taught with RYesNoNoNo
Created by a team of instructional designers and data scientistsYesNoNoNo


Take a look at what our graduates have to say

“I enjoyed the course and learned a lot in a short time. I was a beginner to R and I was able to keep up with the pace, structure, and fully understood the lectures. Data Society has been incredibly supportive by reaching out to me monthly to check in, offering me advice, sharing their experiences, and answering any questions I have had.” – Chant’l M..

“After successfully completing a project for my client, they requested to double the keywords of the original project. I took the Data Society course to be able to do some of these things on my own and implemented a data-mining project without any partner assistance!” – John C.

“The information was useful for seasoned data users, but also gives managers with no programming experience a better understanding of analytic approaches and ways to incorporate them in various lines of work.” – Jon V.

“I have never read or heard any explanations on data mining techniques as accessible and clear as in the Data Society courses.” – Tony Z.